Adventure Weeks

NOW HIRING! (please scroll to the bottom of the page for more information)

AW 2017 Schedule

Registration for Summer 2017 IS OPEN!

Follow the links to the online forms to register for the Summer of 2017 Adventure Weeks below:

  • To register a student "entering" Kindergarten - 5th grade in the FALL 2017 - Click Here
  • To fill out the application for a student as an Adventure Crew member, who will be a Middle School student (6th-9th) in the FALL 2017 - click here --- please see AC information below. Remember AW is an elementary-based program and only limited MS participation is able to be provided. 


Adventure Crew at AW

This year we will only be accepting 10 members to the Adventure Crew each week. Availability will be very limited and each member will have to enter into an application process. You must fill out a form and go through an interview in order to become part of the  AC team. To register to be an AC fill out the online form here 

Adventure Crew Dates and Costs

  1. June 19-23  $175.00
  2. June 26-30  $175.00
  3. July 3-7  $165.00
  4. July 10-14  $200.00
  5. July 17-21  $175.00
  6. July 24-28  $175.00
  7. July 31-Aug. 4  $175.00
  8. August 7-11  $175.00

So, you’d like to become an AC! If you are going into grades 6-9 you are in the right place! Here’s a quick rundown of what it actually means to have this job. Your duties as an AC, or Adventure Crew member, essentially consist of helping Counselors with whatever they need to make Adventure Weeks awesome. This means helping campers move from station to station, interacting with them on bus trips, helping keep campers excited during big group time, and all round creating a safe environment to learn about Jesus and help them grow in their faith. We will be conducting interviews for this position in May and will let you know our decision by June 3rd.

This year we genuinely want to help you, the AC’s, to get the most out of this experience and hopefully grow in Christ this summer.

Serving with our VIPs!

Are you interested in serving with children with Special Needs? If so, we have two options for you. See which is the best fit for you!

  1. Intern position - fill out the form here

    This year at Adventure Weeks we are offering a Special Needs Internship to support our campers that attend that are affected by disability. This internship is designed for high school and college students with a heart for disability ministry, with a focus on service, commitment, and personal development. To apply for this internship, you must be in high school and be able and willing to commit to interning for 6 of the 9 weeks of camp. As an intern you will be paired with a VIP (a camper affected by disability) to ensure that their camp experience is the best that it can be. If this internship is something that you are interested in, please fill out this application, and you will be contacted about an interview by our AW Special Needs Coordinator.

  2. Buddy position - fill out the form here 

    Being a part of the Adventure Weeks team is an opportunity to be used by God to impact the lives of the children and their families in your own community. As part of our Adventure Weeks team, you will be on the forefront of bringing the truth and joy of Jesus Christ to these families. Please prayerfully consider volunteering your time to serve with these wonderful campers that we have. We are excited to be implementing a Special Needs Internship available for high school and college students. As a buddy, you will be serving alongside these Interns. Please know that although previous experience with children affected by disability is valued, it is not necessary in order to serve VIPs.

    We look forward to hearing from you! If you require any additional information please feel free to email me at or call: 818-575-2257


NOW HIRING! Staff positions for our Adventure Weeks Summer Day Camp program

At Adventure Weeks we will be hiring for 3 different levels of positions:

  1. The Director Level
  2. Lead Counselor
  3. Counselor

At the Director Level:

  • Camp Director - Is the point person for AW. Handles the daily schedules, manages the counselor team, and works directly as the liaison with the church staff to create a great summer experience for kids. - This director will begin part-time hours in the spring, but be full-time throughout the summer.
  • Administrative Director - Is the point person for registration, booking events, weekly communication to parents and counselors, assists Camp Director in all areas - This director will begin with part-time hours in the spring, but be full-time throughout the summer.
  • Special Needs Coordinator - Maintains Calvary's vision that all children are welcome and included, oversees, manages, and schedule SN interns and buddies for our camp VIPs - This director will do some part-time work in the weeks leading up to camp, and be full-time throughout the summer.

Lead Counselors Position (x2): 

  • Will directly work with groups of kids, will oversee groups of counselors, take lead role as Camp Director assigns, will oversee Extended Care shifts.

Counselor Position: (hiring will be directly proportionate to the number of children registered)

  • Will work with kids directly through an assigned group each shift of work, will take direct assignments from Camp Director, will care for the kids and have a blast with them at the same time.

To apply for these positions please select the appropriate form below. ***If you apply for a director position but are willing to be a counselor, you need only fill out the director form. Please make a note on the form that you desire to be considered for both.

  • The deadline for filling out the Director Position form is February 13th
  • Counselor Application - The deadline for filling out the Counselor Form is April 1st
  • Return all forms to - ***filling out the form by hand and using a free app like Genius Scan to email it in would be ideal.