Awana Club - Overview

Awana is our Wednesday evening programming for ages 3 through 5th grade. It takes place for most of the school year. 11 weeks from September through Thanksgiving, and 14 weeks from January through April. Check back in August 2018 for sign-up for the 2018-19 school year.   We are looking for weekly leaders/helper, if you can commit to working weekly with the children until the end of club in April 2019, let us know by clicking here.


What is Awana?


Awana is a Biblically based program to help parents with the spiritual nurture and education of their children. It runs during the school year, September to April and is off for school holidays, the month of December and for the summer.

Scripture says parents are the primary teaches of God’s Word and Awana is here to help reinforce that teaching with understanding and application. It is a fun filled, exciting program with an emphasis on scripture memory (learned at home) and the understanding of God’s Word. Awana uses an age appropriate curriculum to assist with your child’s spiritual development.

Parents and guardians work with their children at home to learn the memory verses.  Puggles, Cubbies, Sparks and T&T have a pacing schedule they follow (see link next to the Cubbies calendar for At Home Scripture Time to complete the handbook.  Normally a clubber has learned 1 - 2 sections a week at home to complete the handbook by the end of April.  Clubbers K - 5 can work on extra credit materials concurrently while progressing through the paced learning schedule.

Awana Club Ages and Meeting Times

3 years old through 12th grade - September to April

All clubs for children and students start at 6:00 PM on Wednesday night (starting date to be announced)

  • Puggles* and Cubbies end at 7.15 PM
  • Sparks, T&T, and Trek end at 7.30 PM
  • Journey end at 8 PM

*Puggles is only open for those families who volunteer weekly Awana.



The following Helpers/Leaders info is of last year, for your reference only, for more info on Awana or on serving with Awana, please contact:Ken  Chambers  at  818.575.2250 Mon - Thu, or  email at

Recruiting Awana Helpers/Leaders:

  • Join your child(ren) on Wednesday nights!  You can work alongside of them in the same small group, in the same large group, or in an entirely different group. There are roles for those who want to: work with children, work mostly with adults, or even complete duties on other days of the week.
  • You also may have the most important job in the world: to lead a child to Christ! Statistically, over 75% of all people who trust Christ for their eternal salvation, make that decision between the ages of 4 and 14.
  • You have the opportunity to make an eternal impact on the life of a young child. To sign up to be a leader/helper, click here to see the different roles and indicate your preferences.  First time working with children at Calvary, sign-up to fingerprinted.

For more info on Awana or on serving with Awana, please contact:

Ken  Chambers  at  818.575.2250 Mon - Thu, or  email at


Registration is currently closed! If you would like to volunteer and be involved in our Calvary Kids Small Groups, click HERE.

Dates: September 5th - November 14 // January 9 - April 24th 
Time: Wednesdays // 6 - 7:30pm (Puggles thru Kindergarten end at 7:15pm) 
Fee: $85 per child*
*The Awana curriculum is offered to any 6th-12th graders that would like to participate. The fee is $25. 

View the 2018 Awana Club Calendar here! 

Registration questions, please contact:

Awana Leader Training

Here are some training items for both new and returning Awana Leaders:

Please contact your club director to get started with the Calvary Online Leader training for both new and returning leaders this year.

Awana Year in Pictorial Review

Click below to see the year-end slide show: