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David & Debbie Frank

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David and Debbie work for the L'Arcada Foundation in Favor of the Family. The main work of the foundation is running Christian camps for children, youth and families. In 1991 they began the foundation and the camps. They have been there for 31 years now love to have people come over and work with them to share the love of Jesus Christ with the more then 1000 kids who go through the different programs each year.

We live in the region Catalonia, Spain, in the province of Girona (Gerona). It is a beautiful part of he world with amazing history and culture. Barcelona is the captial of this region and is in itself an amazing city. The camp is about an hour and a half from Barcelona in the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains not far from the French border.


Home: 11.34.972.59.41.73
Camp: 011.34.972.58.02.78 ext. 28
David's Cell: 011.34.646.159.624
Debbie's Cell: 011.34.639.313.338


missionary support team:
Bruce & Jan Dingman bruce@dingman.com