Eastern Europe

  • Ungars & Gundega Gulbis

    Ungars & Gundega Gulbis

    Ungars is the lead Pastor at Riga Reformed Church, which is a church plant in Riga, Latvia. He and Gundega focus on preaching and teaching the Word of God, training and developing … $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Bob & Sharon Hilts

    Bob & Sharon Hilts

    The Hilts train leaders in the former Soviet Union to run Christian Camps. They have over 1,000 camps, about 200 Village Camps (like day camps) in villages that are "cashless". The… $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Mike and Vanessa Katzenberger

    Mike and Vanessa Katzenberger

    Michael was Calvary's high school pastor for almost 10 years (95-2004). He now serves at Calvary with the Russian Child Sponsorship Program and Eastern European regional ministry. … $0.00 Currently Unavailable
  • Jim & Ruth Overton

    Jim & Ruth Overton

    In 2008, the Overton's were sent from Calvary to work with the churches in Moldova and Russia. They were there to assist evangelical churches in developing tools and skills necessa… $0.00 Currently Unavailable



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