A Legacy of Looking Forward

The Lord of the Harvest is blessing us mightily once again – honoring our “Calvary 20/20” vision with a new season of growth and a growing spiritual hunger – calling us to take another step forward in faith. We call it the FORWARD campaign and it’s about responding to the challenges and embracing the opportunities that this blessing of God is bringing.

A Campaign to Meet the Challenge

We are praying that the FORWARD campaign will be used by God to allow us to enter into opportunities He is putting before us. The campaign will involve 15 months of commitments that are over and above our regular tithes and offerings.

These gifts will be used entirely to refurbish and remodel specific sections of our of our campus in order to create a more welcoming and spiritually nurturing environment that includes permanent homes for all of our children/student ministries.

This renovation will prepare our campus for the Holy Spirit’s continued gathering of local families in the years to come, by enlarging and streamlining our existing space within the building complex without any brick-and-mortar construction.

In keeping with the covenant of “Calvary 20/20,” we will dedicate 20% of all FORWARD funds to bless local families in need, and to support the work of other churches, missions, and ministries that are faithfully expanding God’s kingdom here and around the world.

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