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George Kisolo

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Pastor George Kisolo, his wife Margaret, and their ten children, including two orphans, serve in Kampala, Uganda. They founded the Ever Increasing Miracles Church in the village of Bukasa in 1994. The church started in an eating room and continued to grow as more people in the community heard the wonderful news of Jesus Christ. They have also started a program in the church to train new pastors. From this ministry three former members of the church have started churches themselves. Upon these successes a school was started in the church building and they hope, with proper financing, to purchase permanent land for a school.


Ever Increasing Miracles Church

256 782 941373

Ever Increasing Miracles Church
Muyenga- Bukasa
P.O.Box 10025
Kampala Uganda


missionary support team:
Hubert & Bobbie Willis