Events give space for new students to experience our church for the first time!


Friday Night Lights Event Information

Friday Night Lights is a fun, safe and compelling environment created for high school students to hang out with their friends following Friday night football games.  We believe that through these events your kids will have the opportunity to talk about the Gospel, invite people to church and show our community what the love of God looks like.  Here are the important details....


This event is open to any high school student.  Each year we have students from every high school in our region join us.  


This event is all about creating is a space for students that is fun, safe and compelling.  There will be free food, music, games to play and places to relax.  There is no program or agenda for the night other than for students to meet each other, engage with our leaders and be welcomed into our church.  

Please note: this is a free event for students!

When & Where

Friday Night Lights will take place from 9:00pm - 12:00am on September 29, October 6, 13, 20 & 27.  The event will be held in both the inside and outside of the high school ministry space.  Students are welcome to come at any time and are not required to stay until midnight.  

Safety & Security 

HSM has coordinated carefully with our church leadership, facilities department and on-campus security to ensure that this event is well staffed, supervised and safe. Our Safety & Emergency Response Team is well equipped to handle various situations that may arise in an event of this nature.  

We are looking forward to all that God has for us as we engage the community with Friday Night Lights.