Winter Camp


Winter Camp FAQ

Who Can Go?

Hume Lake Winter Camp is open to all high school students. Each year we reserve enough spots for our students to invite friends to camp, so we would encourage you to ask your child if there is someone they would like to invite to come to camp with them.

What Happens At Camp?

This is a weekend of new friends, great memories, fun, games, spiritual growth, powerful worship, challenging teaching, time alone with the Lord and endless other activities.  We are convinced that there are few things you could do to start 2019 off right for your teenager than signing them up for winter camp. Click here to check out Hume Lake's website, including the promo video!

When Is It?

The camp is Friday, January 18h through Monday, January 21st.  Monday is the MLK holiday and no students have school. However we do ask students to miss school on Friday to ensure safe travel and a timely arrival to Hume Lake.  While we recognize that missing class can be difficult on some students, we believe that the alternative (arriving at night on icy mountain roads and missing the opening chapel) is less desirable.  If you are interested in driving your own child up late, we are happy to work with you on that to make sure they can come to camp.  

What Does It Cost?

The cost for camp this year is $321.  When you register we will ask for a $100 deposit with the balance being due in December.  If you choose to pay with cash or check, we are able to discount your camp total to $310.

We realize that this is can be a burden for one weekend, particularly for families with multiple kids.  For this reason Calvary has established the Hannah Davis Memorial Fund to give out scholarships to those who cannot afford camp. This account exists exclusively to send students to camp.  We never want money to be the reason a child does not get to go to camp. To discuss a possible scholarship email