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Julio & Suzette Volcy

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Hope Outreach International, Inc. (HOI) has been a non-profit 501 (c) (3) humanitarian and development organization established by Dr. Julio Volcy in 1997 with the idea to make Haiti a better place for its people. Our vision has been to entrust the Haitian people to help them to take care of themselves. We have concentrated our efforts in the development of schools, the identification of young leaders, the organization of communities ,the development of working programs and medical humanitarian missions. Our motto is: Helping Haitians Help Haitians.

Our Mission:
Serve the underprivileged, build better lives, enhance leadership potentials and promote social justice through education, health and community development .

Our Vision:
Hope Outreach International is a humanitarian and development organization committed to reach Haitians with hope.

Who We Serve:
Today, millions of people are living in object poverty, we serve people in greatest need. Everyone is reachable and deserves a better life. Although a great percentage of our work is focused toward the Haitian population but we take great pleasure in serving the needy.




Hope Outreach International
PO BOX 29 Oneco, FL 34264