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Kelly & Michele O'Donnell

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As psychologists we provide and develop member care resources for mission/aid personnel and their sending organizations. We are based in Geneva and prioritize supporting those who work with least-reached and vulnerable people groups. Our services include consultation, training, research, developing online resources, and publications.We actively connect and contribute to different international sectors (e.g., health, humanitarian, development) and international organizations (e.g., United Nations agencies, World Health Organization) for mutual learning, doing joint projects, and identifying additional resources to support mission/aid staff and senders.Our work also involves the growing areas of global mental health and sustainable development and is guided by the framework of “global integration" (how we integrate our skills and values on behalf of the major challenges facing humanity, for God’s glory.)

Member Care Associates Inc. (MCA) began as an informal affiliation of member care colleagues in 1995 in the United Kingdom. It was later incorporated in Connecticut USA in 2009 and as of 2010 is registered as a 501c3 nonprofit organization in the USA.



Member Care Associates

based by Geneva in Europe, work internationally

support team:
Bill & Sue VanDerripe