Latin America & The Carribean


Agency — Communitas International
Location — Latin America
Ministry — Church Planting

Steve & Linda are long-time members who began working with Communitas Internatinal in 1991. After several years as Executive VP, Steve is now serving as the Latin America Director overseeing CI’s expansion into that region.

As the Latin America Director for CI, he oversees our church planting in that region. He leads the “Latin American Advancement Team” with four other members, who provide much of the ongoing “on the ground” presence, while Steve makes regular visits and keeps an eye on the big picture. When Stateside, they are also working on partnerships and resourcing.



Agency — El Alfarero
Location — Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
Ministry — College Campus Ministry

Derek works with El Alfarero in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, an organization that responds to God’s call by walking with university students and leaders as they show them that life can have hope and purpose, whilst also seeking to satisfy their spiritual, emotional, social and economic needs. Derek will be working at the on campus cafe in Santa Cruz de la Sierra and preparing to teach English classes at the university as an opportunity to share The Gospel with students.


Agency — Mt. Zion Church
Location — Ensenada, Mexico
Ministry — Evangelism

The Ojeda’s church, Mt. Zion Church was founded by their work of household visitation, evangelistic crusades and discipleship as well as helping the poor. They endeavor by the grace of God to continue with the same vision and even more They recently dedicated and opened Casa Shekina, which houses Kumiai Indian girls giving them an opportunity to attend school and become involved in a local church. Mt. Zion is a church willing to reach every lost soul and giving them the love of Jesus while meeting their specific needs.



Agency — Communitas International
Location — Honduras
Ministry — Children and Recovery

Gloria has been in Honduras since 1999. Gloria runs a Learning center in a local market where kids come for an after-school program. In 2001 she started a scholarship programs for parents to help them finish elementary, junior and senior high school, and encouraging them to go on to university. Since the start of this program over ten mothers have graduated from high school, four are in university and one has graduated from university. Five have found jobs outside the market. She, along with the learning center leaders, began to extend the scholarship program to the kids of the market.

Additionally, twice a week she teaches “Life Hurts and God Heals” in a bilingual school of 296 junior & senior high school students. Gloria is working to train five missionary women and three Honduran women in a Celebrate Recovery step study along with mentoring and training local pastors on a weekly basis.



Agency — Word on the Street
Location — Costa Rica
Ministry — Church Planting and Evangelism

Rick and Judith were involved in international church planting with Calvary for more than 25 years — first in Europe and now they are serving in Costa Rica. Rick has multiple sclerosis and now serves primarily in a pastoral role with the elderly in a residence for geriatric patients.

Judith is continuing their lifelong mission of evangelism serving poor and at-risk families, especially women and children involved in the sex trade in the Orosi Valley. This rural area where work is very hard to find has made families vulnerable and she is developing opportunities for meaningful work for the women.

Each year Judith provides opportunity for the youth group to partner with her in a two week outreach of various events in the local elementary school that will reach and engage the children that attend.



Agency — Hope Outreach International
Location — Haiti
Ministry — Education and Discipleship

Pastor Julio & Suzette Volcy are the founders and directors of Hope Outreach International, which reaches needy Haitian families with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Wellness Education, Leadership and Development training with an added focus on Discipleship Programs.

Calvary has partnered with the Volcy’s since the devastating earthquake that rocked Haiti in January 2010. We have sent multiple teams to work alongside Hope Outreach International in the community of Lamothe helping with several community development projects, pastoral training, and others.


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