Marriage Matters

Calvary wants to support you in making your marriage relationship a priority. Marriage Matters offers a variety of opportunities for you and your spouse to enrich your relationship.

Marriage Matters: The Intentional Marriage Workshops
Starting June 4th, 2017, we'll start meeting at 9 am in the CAFE.  Marriage Matters: The Intentional Marriage Workshops will continue on the first and third Sundays of each month, we will tackle an important topic in two-part sessions that will be led by members of our Marriage Matters leadership team, as well as some special guests. (Note: The two sessions in any given month will not duplicate one another, but you are welcome to join us for the second session if you missed the first. Our goal is to make each and every session worth your while, regardless of the age and stage of your marriage.)

When:  The first and third Sundays of every month, 9:00 to 10:15 a.m.
Where:  In the Cafe downstairs.
Childcare is available for all ages. (Just be sure to pick them up by 10:15 a.m.)
Marriage Matters’ World Famous Keurig Coffee Machine will be available to create hot drinks throughout the year.

Marriage Matters: The Intentional Marriage.
“A Great Marriage is No Accident” Twice-Monthly Teaching and Conversation

A deeply satisfying marriage isn’t the product of chance, luck or alignment of the planets. Like a bountiful garden, a fruitful marriage is the result of ongoing attention and effort. Our new series will explore how this plays out in the day-to-day events of married life – and why the intentional marriage is worth pursuing. These sessions are for marriages of all ages, stages and conditions, including engaged couples. They will feature teaching, conversation, Q and A, and delicious hot drinks from Marriage Matters’ world-famous Keurig machine.

Marriage Matters DATE NIGHT : December, 8th, 2017, 6 - 9pm. To assist married couples who may have difficulty making childcare arrangements, we periodically offer Date Night which Calvary provides childcare on a Friday evening. Your kids will be in good hands while you enjoy a relaxed evening together. Cost, $10 per child.  Please read Date Night Liability Release.  

Cavary Community’s Marriage Matters Presents:
Calvary Community’s Marriage Matters Presents:
Calvary Community’s Marriage Matters Presents:

Marriage Prep Class

Calvary offers a 9-week course for those preparing for engagement or marriage. The Marriage Prep Class is offered three times each year. Click here for more information.

Marriage Mentoring Program: 

If you are facing challenging times and would like to connect with other couples who could help you or you wish to be a mentor couple to others, you are invited to participate in our new Marriage Mentoring Program. For more information please contact Dennis and Brenda Buckley at