Partner Trips

Trip Dates: TBD

Approximate cost: $3,000 - This covers food (3 meals a day), water, lodging, transportation, and project money... everything except for souvenirs and extra food.

 On this trip, we will get to serve at God Cares Primary School, God Cares High School, various students' homes, the Dongo Farm, and Kabalagala Pentecostal Church. You will also have the opportunity to visit your sponsored child.

If you are interested in joining the trip, please complete and return the mission trip application and the Visa application ASAP. More information here 

There are two application types, one for minors and one for adults. All minors are to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please download and return the appropriate application.

Trip Application- Minor 

Trip Application- Adult 

Visa Application 

Joni and Friends International 
Wheels for the World

Trip Date:  April 5 - 15, 2019
Location: Uganda - Registration
Approximate Cost: Approximately $2,990
*This trip does spend time with our Partner at God Cares School.

Trip Date:  August 23 - September 1, 2019
Location: Romania - Registration
Approximate Cost: Approximately $2,600

If you could change the life of a disabled child who is isolated and overlooked, would you do it? Joni and Friends invites you to join us and live out your faith.

These children are excluded from life in the outside world because they have no way of moving around. With a wheelchair, they can attend school and church and become part of their communities and villages.

We will be sending a team to help fit and distribute wheel chairs for those affected by disability while working alongside a local church. 

For more information & to apply click here: Joni & Friends Wheel for the World 

Here are some roles and team members we are looking for to join us:  

-Physical or occupational therapists
-Wheelchair tech- anyone who has basic mechanical skills
-Support roles (on trip): Seamstresses.  Handy with sewing machine. Cutting foam and fabric.  Work foam, vinyl and fabric to help create more custom fit and cushions for wheelchairs.
- Support role (prior to trip): Need 200 fabric bags created that will carry Bible, Joni book, toiletries, etc.  Cutting foam and fabric.  Work foam, vinyl and fabric to help create more custom fit and cushions for wheelchairs.