Pastor Larry DeWitt

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Pastor Larry DeWitt

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Cornerstone Network and Facilitator of Pastoral Ministries for Mission America Coalition.
 In 1976, Larry, his wife Beccy, and three children made the westward journey to Thousand Oaks, California, with a dream to create a fresh model of church life in America that was Christ-centered, Bible-based, culturally relevant, and outreach oriented.

God honored that dream. Starting with six families, Calvary Community Church became one of the nation's leading church models for the boomer generation . . . reaching literally thousands of families.

In 2003, Larry resigned as senior pastor. With a new God-given dream and challenge from the elders to take some of what had been learned at Calvary Community to the Church at large, Cornerstone Network was launched. Today the vision for Cornerstone seems as exciting and challenging as the dream for Calvary Community those many years ago.

Cornerstone Network is based on the premise that the ultimate network is connecting people to Jesus Christ, the Cornerstone of life, and to God's purpose for their lives. Cornerstone is about connecting people with God and connecting people with people, based on similar dreams and passions to have a significant impact on our world for Christ! Cornerstone's mission, in collaboration with the Mission America Coalition, is, "Every follower of Christ . . . praying, caring, sharing."




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